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We are thrilled to announce project initiation of “WILL” Wallet Protocol to the community. A utility platform and ecosystem to facilitate will creation for your wallets and their valuable digital assets, inclusive of NFTs, in order for your loved ones to inherit in a secure way. All these features aimed to be delivered while your assets are still yielding value during Will validity period.

We are here to solve one of the biggest gaps Blockchain industry WILL face in up coming years due to lack of an Inheritance mechanism for digital assets including NFT for their loved ones. The framework will abide by core principles of Blockchain technology and harnessing its magical powers of Consensus, Immutability, Anonymity, Security, Accessibility, and Scalability.


What if a Wallet owner met with some accidental risk?
What if a Wallet owner wants to park his digital assets (inclusive of NFTs) for family’s inheritance?
What if a Wallet owner wants to make a WILL inclusive of his off Blockchain assets by minting NFT for his off Blockchain documents with encryption and anonymity being preserved?
What if a Wallet owner wants to create a Time-bound WILL that will auto-execute after a period of time marked by the owner?

What if a Team is working towards providing a protocol and ecosystem to address these fundamental gaps?

Here we go We are “#WILL-Wallet” team.

As of February 2021, there are more than 68 million blockchain wallet users. The number continues to grow as new blockchain wallets and crypto currencies are introduced to the market. Furthermore, its acceptance in various markets and industries makes it more attractive to consumers who are increasingly concerned with privacy. Currently, the TOP 10 cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $1,316.86 Billion and is rapidly growing.

The exponential rise of these wallets, comprising of substantial values along with anonymity increases greater risk of these assets being locked or abandoned. Wallets by nature are protected very securely, can be abandoned /orphaned due to various reasons such as being locked out of your wallets, hacked, loss of physical devices the wallet is on or the owner physically not being able to access the wallets. Studies show that about 20% of the cryptocurrency value is reported to be orphaned/abandoned. To safeguard you from such eventuality, the Will Wallet framework aims to provide a way to aggregate all your digital assets [Wallets] on-chain and cross-chain and bequeath or transfer them to one or more wallets and create a time-bound WILL for your wallet.

What are we aiming to provide?

Ecosystem and dAPP to make and burn WILLs for digital assets including on-chain, cross-chain, and Off-Chain NFTs. Dashboard to list your Wallet(s) holdings on-chain and cross-chain ecosystems with the protocol being built on interoperability mechanism.

Defi principles of staking, Farming, and Liquidity Mining of WILL Tokens are implemented. WILL Guardian and WILL Angel NFTs to provide WILL wallet owners and community benefits by airdrop, discounts on WILL executions, and WILL burning services.

Providing an interface to mint WILL NFTs for off-blockchain assets like real estate, valuables, etc., Partnership with off-blockchain firms to honor the smart WILL written for off-blockchain assets, while preserving anonymity using Zero-Knowledge Protocol process and framework for off-blockchain asset NFTs.

Association with Insurance protocols to insure digital asset value for Will’s duration in association with Defi protocols to compound assets value while still in a locked state, using Synthetic and LP token mechanism.

Interface and utility for time-bound execution of the WILL preserved in blockchain and to claim the matured WILL’s Inheritance by authorized wallet owner.

To provide the community with an Augmented reality game for the Wallet hunt (Easter egg hunt) to collect WILL tokens and WILL NFT’s.

Furthermore, the Will itself will be a smart contract executed as per the conditions laid out by the owner for one or many of his wallets and digital assets. This adds a much-required additional layer of security and continuity to your Digital Assets.

About Will Wallet and Team

Will Wallet consists of 15 member team, who are very passionate about blockchain technology and its endless use cases. We are aiming to develop a use case protocol which will make sure the generations to come harness and inherit the digital seeds we have all sown without getting lost. The team is highly educated with very vast experience in Banking, Insurance, Regulatory, Retail, FMCG domains with an average of 20+ years.

Will wallet Protocol provides much-needed Will making and executing services, in a world where digital assets owned by individuals might be equal to or more than physical assets they own, in a smart and secure way. This protocol leverages all the advantages of blockchain technology and is built on a platform that allows limitless scalability, cross-chain operability, adaptable consensus mechanism, pooled security, and defined governance mechanism.

Will Wallet

We say, ‘Where there is a WALLET there MUST be a WILL’.

we “WILL” meet you all soon with care and perfection.
Will Wallet team




A journey to the future of Smart contract WILL for digital Assets, NFT ( On & Off Block chain) combined with Defi, Insurance and Gaming.

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Will Wallet

Will Wallet

A journey to the future of Smart contract WILL for digital Assets, NFT ( On & Off Block chain) combined with Defi, Insurance and Gaming.

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